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In conclusion...

by, Kim Killebrew

The end of summer… the temperatures remain high, but the activities in my daily life completely change. The freedom from the daily planner that we’ve enjoyed for 10 weeks is gone and my children and I are driven back to the task master of schedule. But what a privilege it has been to enjoy the long days of summer! The time to actually get bored which seems completely elusive 9 months of the year.
But here we are at July 30, and we made it! We have followed the Israelites to the edge of Canaan after wandering and numbering and warring for 40 years. What is your impression after reading another book of the Old Testament? What stands out to you after your study of Numbers?  For me it’s always the same. I am just like the Israelites and the God that I serve is the same God that they served. He is faithful, sovereign, and wise. I am not. 
As Jimmy taught yesterday, the Israelites were freed from a life of slavery so that they could live a life of obedience. And so am I. 

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